Our Process

It is vital to our clients and to our staff and field crews to fully understand the project scope and requirements, it is therefore important to document client needs and wishes so that details are not missed.

Our process in project estimating and execution has been developed over years working with some of the largest corporations owning thousands of homes in our area. We hope you as a client value our commitment to process so you know what the project encompasses and we can exceed your expectations upon completion.

  • Initial design review and budget analysis – This sets the expectation level for how large the project is and how long it will take to complete
  • Design Services -should your project require a shop drawing in order to define details this step will give you peace of mind that all involved know the complete scope of work down the to last knob and finial. (link to design services here)
  • Financing – if applicable we can help with projects financing with excellent deferred interest options and extended payment terms (link to financing here)
  • Estimate – here is where we develop the full itemized estimate for your review, our promise is to give you line items details on costs where other contractors might just give you a lump sum number (link to request estimate here)
  • General project plan – a proposed schedule of events that will take place as your accepted project commences. Our crews will be taking photos all along the way during our work schedule.
  • Permits – we will pull all required permits by your municipality, this is a requirement for many locations and mitigates issues when or if you sell the home in the future.
  • Project Closeout – final review by you, our client for any small items you feel need to be addressed before signing off.

Let us renovate and build your dream home!